EMERGING CANCER TREATMENTS – An evening with Pr. K. Aigner

Monday September 26th at 6.30pm
Emerging Cancer Treatments – Headline Speaker, Dr. Prof. Karl Aigner

Dr Karl Aigner cancer surgery


About Prof. Dr. med. Karl R. Aigner

Prof. Dr. med. Aigner is one of the world’s pioneers in the field of regional chemotherapy. He has been involved with regional Dr Karl Aignerchemotherapy for over 30 years and today he is considered as one of the world’s most experienced experts in this treatment method. Numerous lectures and guest operations in the USA, Japan, China, Israel, Egypt, Australia and a number of other countries, as well as over 200 professional publications, lectures and guest operations both in Germany and abroad attest to his medical commitment to RCT – regional chemotherapy.

Prof. Aigner completed his medical studies and his basic surgical training in cardiovascular surgery at the University of Erlangen. He obtained his habilitation doctorate in surgical oncology at the University of Giessen, with a research focus in techniques of regional chemotherapy. In 1981, Prof Aigner developed a technique for performing the first isolated liver perfusion in humans using a heart-lung machine, and over subsequent years a variety of additional surgical procedures and specialized catheters for isolated therapy of organs and parts of the body, including the treatment of pancreatic carcinoma.

From 1986 until 1991, Prof. Aigner was Chief Physician for Surgery at the Kreiskrankenhaus Trostberg am Chiemsee, and until 2001, he was the Chief Physician in the Department of Oncological Surgery at the Asklepios Paulinen Clinic in Wiesbaden. From 2002 until 2005 he led the Department of oncological surgery at the Medias Klinik GmbH in Ransbach-Baumbach. Since 2006 Prof. Aigner has been the Medical Director of the Medias Klinikum GmbH & Co KG, a private clinic for oncological surgery in Burghausen (Salzbach).

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Latest Testimonials

cancer survivor

Since receiving her heartbreaking cancer diagnosis in 2012, Svetlana and her family have been committed to supporting her recovery. Recently the family was given devastating news, that her breast cancer had spread to four other major regions in her body; spine, lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Canadian doctors have informed Svetlana that they could no longer help her.

Refusing to give up, Svetlana and her family searched worldwide for hope. This journey led them abroad to Europe, where award-winning cancer specialist Dr. Karl Aigner practices a unique and effective form of treatment known as Regional Chemotherapy. This therapy applies a targeted approach to delivering anti-cancer agents directly to specific regions in the body containing cancer, and preventing the flow of toxins to other regions.

Svetlana Shribman