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Business Growth Strategies

Hosted by Slava Apel and Anatoly Maslenikov

Improve Canada Campus
Address: 7250 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 1Z8

Topics Will Include:
Government Funding:
Tax Credits, Rebates and Refunds, Underfunded Project Funding, Subsidies and Grants, Training and Hiring.
Business Marketing:Top online marketing methods and shortcuts to promoting product or services online.
Business Planning: Preparedness to business transition, Preparedness for investors.
Business Financing: Financing options that are available for inventory, improvements, growth, development or marketing.

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Slava Apel

Slava Apel has been leading the way since 1997 and brings with him many business successes into the world of digital marketing. In his career, Mr. Apel has founded a marketing company, order automation company, order fulfilment and has been a part of multiple technology start-ups. Mr. Apel’s experience comes a wealth of knowledge in helping companies monetise their businesses, products and ideas in both B2B and B2C spaces.

“Slava is an in-depth expert in the design and application of marketing systems using internet technology. His broad understanding and extensive experience in solving thousands of customer problems make him a valuable partner.”

Fred Cochrane, Start-Up Co-Founder and Adviser

Mr. Apel’s main expertise covers: Print Industry, Direct Marketing, App Development, Sales Training, Online Marketing, Automation Software and Cloud-based Software.

Slava Apel is known through the two books he co-authored – “Print Sales and Marketing” and “Cloud Production“, as well as his accolades as:

  • Schulich School of Business Entrepreneur in Residence
  • 2018 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award nomination
  • 2017 Walk of Fame Award from Acces Employment
  • Top 35 Most Influential Canadians in the Graphics Industry
  • Top 25 CMOs in the UK
  • Trainer and Mentor with 3 University linked Incubators and Accelerators
  • Top Trainer on Marketing at Business and Franchise tradeshow
  • Top Trainer at Graphics Tradeshow
  • Contributor to 5 Industry magazines
  • Google certified in all marketing categories
  • Founding member of the Society of Internet Professionals


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Anatoly Maslenikov

Anatoly Maslenikov is a professional business consultant. With and his team they specialize in Business Plans writing and Business and Commercial financing. His career path started from a Military Boarding school, continued into Military Special Forces and gained himself an academic knowledge in two different fields: first was in Aerospace Engineering and second in Business and Marketing. After working in Aerospace Engineering industry for 15 years he switched his focus to help businesses with the Business Planning and Financing. By utilizing his Military operational thinking, integrity and his Engineering detail oriented mindset he has become very successful in the Business consulting field.

Mr. Maslenikov has helped thousands of businesses gain access to Banking, Private and Government funds via systematizing the process. Leveraging the history of successful approvals and making the paperwork load easier for his clients Anatoly has been providing his success based professional services in GTA area since 2006.

While helping others, Anatoly has had his own successful transactions in starting and selling businesses, retail chains, as well as mergers and acquisitions leveraging his knowledge, connections and experience in Government Funding for Businesses. Most common areas where Mr. Maslenikov is being asked to get involved in are:

  • Startup Business Planning
  • International Business Expansion
  • Funding undefended projects
  • Business expansion
  • Market Analysis
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Consolidations
  • Projections
  • Competitors Benchmarking
  • Market Share Feasibility
  • Investor Pitch Decks